Electronics Engineering

The Department of Electronics Engineering was established in 2001 and it offers B. Tech. in electronics from AKTU. The department takes an intake of 60 students each year. Electronics and communication is that field of engineering whose basic knowledge has become essential for all branches of engineering, because it is applicable to all in one form or other as ICs, Gates, MOSFETs, FETs, Transistors Diodes, microprocessors, etc.

Keeping all in the mind, the department offers the courses in basic electronics devices to all engineering branches in the first two years to enhance their abilities regarding the Electronic Devices and their various operations.

The main purpose of the department is not only to prepare the students to the real-life opportunities as fabrication of circuit models for which they are made to do various mini and major projects but also to prepare them in accordance with the developing technology. For this, effective method of teaching is adopted where the theory taught is complemented by well planned practical.


Exceeding the hikes of Excellency in carrier orientation for electronics engineering and be a continuous source of energy for upgrading the knowledge of mankind.

  1. Extension of knowledge through cutting edge technology by state of art undergraduate programs.
  2. Undertaking research-oriented projects that can polish the professional carrier and can collaborate science & technology with industry and academia.
  3. Full extension of human potentials in the field of imagination & intellectuality.